L’Univers est vrai pour nous tous et dissemblable pour chacun

Marcel Proust

L’Univers est vrai pour nous tous et dissemblable pour chacun

Marcel Proust

Welcome  !

I have been working as an international specialist in counseling (and solution focused therapy), coaching, training/communication  and in Human Ressources field for the last over 15 years. My purpose here is to offer you – individuals and companies – support, tools, workshops and counselling that could help improve different aspects of your lives and learn new ways of coping with problems.

During my counseling workshops or sessions, I offer support to those that usually need guidance (on a personal or a professional level)  through a difficult time for example a break up, coping with loss, or  changes in their lives: moving, divorce, a job loss etc or issues like anxieties, stress or addictions. Since every individual is unique in his personality, circumstances as well as having unique values, belief systems and behaviors, so is every coaching relationship different in itself. The coaching or the counseling relationship is focused on the client who holds ownership to all conclusions and decisions made in the session and is therefore an empowering relationship for change. Trust and empathy, privacy and confidentiality are important principles to be applied in both couching and in counselling sessions. I offer a range of services (French and / or English) related to all types of objectives & problems, coping skills , changes etc:


The tools and the methods that I use according to my experience and professional background include: Solution-Focused therapy approaches, Family and Marriage counselling techniques, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Emotional intelligence (EI), Past life regression (holistic) therapy. As a certified hypnotherapist  – Ericksonian Hypnosis –  I should add that I also had the opportunity to experience the power of this amazing tool in my personal life. Having been guided in the past by a hypnotherapist helped me cope with grief and  loss and getting over my driving phobia.

I knew then that I wanted to add to my professional skills this efficient method – Ericksonian Hypnosis- in order to help others to cope with major issues – phobias and negative emotions or situations.By using hypnosis,  I could  help them find their uncounscious resources for inner-healing. In the section dedicated to hypnosis, you can find out more about this efficient method. COACHING – face to face sessions or on line:

  • Professional: gain a higher sense of self-esteem by identifying your personal strengths and weaknesses through a personal skills assessment; professional or vocational retraining, burnout or workaholism, raise productivity by reducing obstacles to setting up a new business, retirement  etc
  • Life coaching: coping with your emotions and your relationships, expressing feelings, assertiveness, stress and time management, self-esteem; improving your communication skills  (workshops, individual sessions etc); teenage issues, academic and vocational orientation, personal development etc


  • Change management
  • Leadership skills
  • Conflict management & negotiation skills
  • Public speaking and assertiveness
  • Communication skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Human Resources  (recruitment, evaluation, assessments, motivation, performance etc)

FOR MORE DETAILS, PLEASE CHECK THE MENU ON MY SITE BESTHERAPIE.COM OR CONTACT ME HERE OR EMAIL ME:  bestherapie.alsace@gmail.com or by phone: +33 6 13 73 43 56