Bestherapie Kits

Bestherapie Ressources (Kits) are created by Roxana Chobriat/Bestherapie, they are available during the counseling sessions; workshops/conferences and  only during sessions with clients – full list can be found here: Below you can find a brief description related to client’s feedback, chosen/requested themes etc Every Bestherapie Kit contains: – a  document (PDF)/brochure; –  a quizz/test, Bestherapie worksheets, success stories/clients’ feedback; –  a MP3:  Every session is recorded (using a professional microphone & software) and focuses on a specific subject that matches the whole kit information; it contains positive affirmations or hypnotherapy methods (metaphors, story-telling etc), minfulness exercises or guided visualisations. (Note: During face to face sessions, the extra sounds – nature sounds, music could be added according to custom-made scripts created for each client). Please, find below the list –  Bestherapie KITS:

  1. Kit Parents & enfants : Le jeu / L’hypno-thérapie : L’énurésie (pipi au lit : troubles émotionnels) : Une approche thérapeutique efficace pour mieux aider nos enfants
  3. Mon Kit: J’accepte le changement pour évoluer : Au Revoir la peur !
  6. MON KIT : J’arrête de manger compulsivement : aujourd’hui je choisis l’équilibre yin & yang !
  8. Mon Kit : J’apprends l’estime de moi car Je suis unique !
  9. Mon Kit : Relation saine versus relation toxique (Culpabilité, Infidélité, Jalousie, manipulation, abus: « la boite à Pandore « du couple…)
  11. MON KIT: ROMPRE AVEC le PASSE & Le pardon : le chemin vers ma guérison !
  12. Mon kit : Je suis accro au shopping ! (J’arrête les ACHATS COMPULSIFS !)
  13. MON Kit : Mal de tête, stress, émotions nuisibles…: STOP !
  14. Mon KIT (parents & ados) : TIC versus TOC : Je renifle, je grince les dents, je souffre d’un TIC, au secours!
  15. MON KIT : LA PHOBIE DES TRANSPORTS (avion, voiture, train) : STOP !
  16. MON KIT : Famille recomposée
  17. Mon kit : Je me réinvente aujourd’hui : je découvre le but de ma vie !
  18. Mon Kit : Au revoir les angoisses : gérer la peur d’abandon !
  19. MON KIT ADOS /Parents: HARCELEMENT à l’école et cyber-harcèlement :STOP !
  20. Kit Bestherapie: Healing your inner child.
  21. Mon Kit: LA PERTE D’UN ETRE CHER / Les étapes du deui
  22. Mon Kit Mindfulness: Exercices pratiques pour combattre les angoisses, les crises de panique,les perfectionnisme, les compulsions; pour améliorer la concentration et changer de vie concrètement!
  23. Mon Kit : Burnout: STOP! J’apprends l’affirmation de soi, j’apprends à dire “NON” au travail!
  24. Mon Kit ADDICTIONS (en cours)

Copyright ©2014 – 2021 Bestherapie Tous droits réservés/All rights reserved (EU, UE, France) Note: Each Kit is procted and registered in a French, UE and USA Intellectual Property database. The whole content was/is created and belongs to Roxana Chobriat/Bestherapie. The kits include custom-made material based on Bestherapie sessions and efficient feedback from clients and they can not replace an one-to-one session! ALL content of Bestherapie Ressources is based on Professional experiences during Bestherapie sessions. Many thanks to Bestherapie clients that suggested me to make these Kits available out there and agreed that Bestherapie could use their successs stories and feedback during the elaboration of these Kits, during the workshops, the conferences fully created and presented by Bestherapie. For more details, please visit our Success Stories / Témoignages mixed page (French and English) here. Each Kit contains useful basic information to help any person that looks for some kind of information related to a specific problem (anxiety, burnout, procrastination, compulsions etc). Each kit has the purpose to offer the person this basic information about Solution Focused Therapy methods and tools, hypnotherapy, story-telling, NLP  etc, therapeutical methods used efficiently. Each person is unic, having his/her own background, so there are no “miracle” solutions and it is up to every client to search and make the right decision for himself/herself based on different approaches in therapy, the first contact with the practitioner. Bestherapie Kits include some exemples that I used successfully over the years in my personal developement and professional therapeutical approach. Please, keep in mind that every type of problem can be treated by a wide variety of methods, therapies and specialists. If you like to have more information, for any feedback, questions, custom-made session etc, please use the Contact page here or send an email to: Thank you for choosing Bestherapie to guide you and let yourself experience this amazing “trip” towards finding your way of inner Healing, Happiness and Serenity! Remember: You are the Master of your own life and there are unlimitted inner possibilities and ressources in every human being that wants to embrace peace, harmony of body, spirit and mind !