Feedback / Success stories

Feedback/success stories :

Vicky: (January 2021)

I was looking for an English-language therapist in the border region. Roxana is easy to speak to and non-judgemental. She made some practical suggestions which really helped. We have met both online and face to face. Both work.

Francesca: May 2020 (Skype sessions: 36 years old, anxiety, insomnia,dealing with negative emotions, fear of sickness, personal life goals)

During pandemic crises & social isolation/lockdown I had a lot of worries, panic attacks and insomnia issues ; thanks to Roxana’s tips & customized “tool box ”  (kits, worksheets , mp3 and follow-ups on a weekly basis on Skype), I could learn how to deal with this scary situation in a more positive way & handle my emotions and moods without having to contact my generalist for any treatment.

Thank you Roxana for your availability, active listening & personalised ressources that helped me & my husband to get out of the vicious cercle of fear,blame, control and miscomunication issues and move on with our lives. I recommend the methods provided by Bestherapie here (a mixture of tools, tips, worksheets, recordings acording to my needs), We can learn to choose to deal with our fears and aknowledge our needs,  find our inner ressources with a little bit of help ! 

Elisabeth  (ON line sessions, 48 years old: life coaching  & professional reconversion)

So happy to be able at my age (over 48 now) to change my job, my life and finally get to what is really important to me : happiness, health, inner healing, harmony.

After a couple of months of working within a therapeutic approach with Roxana, I needed some more guidance as although I felt much better, I did not know how to make the decision and the first step towards changing my job (that made me sick, I was burned out three times in the last 8 years and my health started to suffer without an obvious medical reason).

I decided to continue on line sessions (Skype & phone calls when needed) as it was the best option for me with the corona virus situation & Bestherapie changing address.

After just a few sessions, I can feel that I’m a new person, more self-assertive, confident especially with coworkers, less codependant; I feel I worked hard, I’m a good person, so I deserve to be treated with respect, to wake up every morning and feel grateful, enjoy my work, not to feel anxious all the time, not feeling the need to be liked by everybody all the time. Now I can have a more balanced life, I’m an accomplished woman and mum, letting the past where it should be, learning my lessons, getting over divorce, letting go on fear of new relationships, financial insecurities, perfectionism or fear of failure.

The ressources provided by Bestherapie are useful and always there for me when I need a reminder as well as a quick Skype chat with Roxana if necessary, so I feel less lonely and misunderstood, more encouraged to live my life to the fullest and more independant, ready to deal with whatever life comes up with!

Thank you Roxana for your patiance, briefings & follow-ups regularly, for our on line sessions on Skype during these unpredictable times that reminded me to stay focused and always being willing to get out of my “comfort zone”. Take care !

Lauren (38 years old; widow/ deuil)

I would like to express my gratitude for all the time that we have worked together, for your availability everytime that I needed it.

I appreciate your willingness and profesionalism listening and giving your feedback as needed. I cannot express enough how much it helped me that you were there for me everytime that it was a crisis. You are such a dedicated and passionate profesional and I appreciate a lot that you were flexible with the time and money and you put so many extra hours and charged me according to my budget.

The kit that you provided helped me to deal with my grieving feelings and I was able to move on in this long and sad process. Thanks once again for everything, Roxana ! (I’ve left this message as well for you on the site to show my gratitude, it is the least I could do!)