Professional Conduct

Attention; Each person is responsable for making their own appointment (for themselves and not for somebody else when +18 years old  – only children are accompagnied by adults) and read/take into account important information here before the appointment ( hygiene,Covid information & rules, professional conduct, fees etc). They have to send their information (email, phone number to be contacted by Bestherapie in case of more information needed). Please, go to section “Terms of service” for privacy policy here or contact Bestherapie (Contact page)!

The 48 hours rule (72 hours before weekends):

Please, make sure to cancel our appointement ( in case of emergency) at least 48 hours before. In case this is not done within this delay – by email or over the phone, as you wish –  you’ll be still charged for the session.

Important: In case your appointment is settled for and supposed to take place on a Monday, please take into account that you’ll need to cancel your session on Friday – by sms, email or by phone (before the actual appointment); for instance if your appointment is on Monday even in the after-noon at 3 p.m, you’ll need to cancel it and let us know on Friday before 12 p.m, in order for us to be able to reschedule it on time, during working hours. If session cancelled for emergency  (medical reason), rescheduling your session is possible only if sending to us a document (letter from your doctor/professional) by email (scanned) or mail.

This rule has the purpose to help me manage my schedule in a smooth and efficient manner and show respect to all my clients especially if there is a waiting list that needs to be reorganized as soon as possible.

The  main principle that always guided me through my personal and professional life consists in:

‘Treat others as you would like to be treated’.

For this reason, it is important to build a Professional Relationship with you. This Relationship is based on mutual respect, on trust, on sympathy, on active listening and on cooperation. The methods and the timing (frequency) to support you in reaching your objectives are based on our first meeting and your specific needs, type of personality etc.

My main purpose is to offer you my support, my know-how in order to help you the best I can to reach your objectives on a personal or on a professional level and to give you the tools adjusted to achieve that in your own rhythm.

Please be aware that a symbolic agreement is agreed upon during our second appointment, once the program starts and you choose to follow a program with us!

– duration and purpose of our first appointment: 1h (or plus):

Note:  10/15 mins could be offerted by Bestherapie during this first individual session and up to 20/30 minutes during couple/family first session (if planning allows it and the session is scheduled few weeks in advance): settling your objectives, getting to know your type of personality, your specific needs, budget, availability, ressources and worksheets included in your customized counseling sessions etc

Fees could be discussed (possible discounts) for unemployed persons, students, families with only one parent in charge of more than 2 children, for people attending a longer counseling program (certain number of face to face sessions established) or participating in more programs/workshops in the same time -programs lead by Bestherapie. Please check here for more information.

– building together a Professional Relationship based on trust, on mutual respect, on reliability.

  • Note: Children (any person under 18 years old) must be accompanied by an adult (parent, member of the family).

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For the specific workshops and coaching sessions, please check  the Companies  or Practical Information pages.

I’d be delighted to answer your questions, so feel free to contact me here or send me an email to: