Who am I?

As a student, a volunteer  and later on as a professional, I had the opportunity to travel around the world and to develop new skills in order to adjust to different cultures and types of work environment. Cross-cultural communication became this way my daily job more than my own vocation.

I  participated in different international programs and internships and after getting my certifications and diplomas,  I decided to work step by step as a member of a team, then moved to the leadership level and to management; later on, I also made the choice to work as a freelance and to apply my know-how to each specific client’s need, individual or company.

My core competency skills are related to :

–          Counseling, communication and mediation relationships,  dysfunctional families

–          Cross-cultural communication, consultancy in companies (conflict management, workaholism, key performance evaluation, recruitment, SWOT analysis, negotiation, teambuilding etc)

–          Human Resources : recruitment, evaluation, assessments, motivation, performance, professional or vocational retraining, personality tests, ( process.com) etc

–          Training: leadership, teambuilding, change management, stress management and burnout , English professional modules, etc

–          Sociology / social psychology (research, training, development, psychometric tests etc)

–          Individual counseling, coaching, therapy (addictions, family, teenagers, children development – play therapy, personal development, professional and life coaching etc)

– Hypnotherapist (master – diploma)

– Past Life Regression therapy  certified by Getting Better School –  member of EARTH association

–  Support groups (on line and face-to-face)