Regression Therapy

Roxana CHOBRIAT OREVICEANU is certified by  GETTING BETTER SCHOO and follows the professional conduct of EARTh. 

We all ask questions about who we are, what is our purpose in life, why we act in a specific way or have some chronic diseases, issues and patterns of specific behaviors in our relationships and so on. Our questions concern our endless migraines, heart problems, stomach troubles, our parents, kids, and bosses, relationships, self esteem, compulsive behaviors or others aspects. Sometimes we have this feeling that there must be some kind of a reason behind what we are experiencing in our life. In everyday life we can’t find it. Our overactive conscious mind won’t let us.

Past Life/Holistic Regression Therapy is for the roots of your trouble buried somewhere deeply in your own subconscious. The transformation of these memories is the aim of this therapy.  You will be able to experience your existence from a new perspective, and change many things on the way. The benefits will be reflected in the way you think and feel and this will show in your physical body.

Your belief in or proof of past lives makes no difference to the result of the therapy, as scientific research confirms. Anybody can experience it regardless of their social, religious or other beliefs. As long as you desire to make something better within, it can happen. 

                What happens during the session? 

Relaxation and Eriksonian hypnosis are the basic healing tools used by many therapies. Hypnotic trance is an experience of being between awake and asleep. It’s a pleasant dreamlike state where you are no longer concerned and your mind gives you a dream. We all have experienced it. This is the state of mind in which Regression Therapy works. It is your own mind that taps into experiences from the deep subconscious memory. All the time during the session you are perfectly aware of what’s going on, you are able to come out of it whenever you wish, just like waking up from a dream. It’s you who is in control and your subconscious knows what to do.

               Why use Regression Therapy? 

The combination of Regression Therapy and Past Life Regression Therapy helps to solve difficult issues easier and quicker than other traditional psychotherapy/psychoanalytical methods.  Past Life Regression Therapy can significantly shorten the time of treatment for mental and psychological conditions that sometimes require long-term regular visits for classical psychotherapy.

It can be successfully used for:

Repetitive physical health problems, inexplicable pains, infertility, social anxiety, selective mutism, phobias, panic attacks, obsessions, fears, developing specific copying skills, inadequacy, insomnia, migraine, unsatisfying relationships, blockages, lack of self-assertiveness or self-esteem, fear of failure, traumatic experiences, relationship difficulties, addictions (alcohol, cigarettes, drugs) and other compulsive behaviors, guilt or shame, self-sabotage, expressing or identifying feelings, tension, eating disorders, nail biting – OCD, nightmares, anger, fear of death, curiosity (who am I, what is my purpose in life), interest in your spiritual growth and so on.

                  How to prepare? 

Once you make your decision and define your own reasons to start your sessions, you can contact me and we shall  schedule the date for the first appointment. Afterwards, I’ll send you a questionnaire by email for you to bring it to our first session. It is recommanded to come with an open mind. During the session, you’ll experience the process of relaxation and let everything unwind. Bear in mind that we don’t always get what we want but certainly get what we need.

During the session, you’ll lie down and you’ll need to wear comfortable clothes. A blanket and safe environment will be provided in my office.

After the session, it is recommended for you to take some time to rest, not to stress, drink a lot of water and sleep. Additional recommendation/instructions shall be provided face to face, according to your needs.

Other information: please be aware of Bestherapie general professional conduct:

Fees for Regression/Past Life Therapy :  70 euros per hour (usually one session lasts  2 – 3 hrs ; the amount has to be payed at the end of each session by check or cash!

Please contact me for customized prices and packages ,if you are a student, unemployed, retired etc you can benefit of special offers and you can contact me HERE