All coaching, therapy sessions and workshops are available in my office: 47 AU DIEWEG Sélestat, please check the contact page on my website or feel free to get in touch with me at: 06 13 73 43 56. * Customzed offers concern: unemployed people, retired people and students, according to number of sessions and individual situation!

Important note; The fees will change starting with 1st of June 2024: 5 euros/session will be added (except for the regression therapy fee that will remain the same). This is necessary in the actual economical context (inflation, incresead taxes etc) and in order to continue to ensure the good qualty of ressources included/offered with each customized therapy; to provide the extra time -other than the actual session (before each session that needs detailed preparation and after the session – written débriefing etc).

– BRIEF THERAPY (Solution focused therapy): 65 euros / session. DURATION: 50 mins
– FAMILY  / MARRIAGE COUNSELING: 75 euros / session. DURATION: 60 mins
– LIFE & PROFESSIONAL COACHING: 65 euros / (individual) session. DURATION: 50 mins

Groups / Companies: Please see ‘Companies’ section on my site.

Discount / offers for career and life coaching sessions for:  students and for unemployed persons. (12H / 500 euros)

– ERICKSONIAN HYPNOSIS: 65 euros / session. DURATION: 50 mins

40 euros for children (- 10 years) (20 min – 25 minutes / session); MP3 given as a gift.

REGRESSION (PAST LIFE/HOLISTIC) THERAPY : 70 euros/hour (duration: at least 2, 3h)

– WORKSHOPS: 25 euros per person / session: Discount offered to anyone that participates in other type of Bestherapie sessions (workshops, individual coaching, therapy etc). DURATION:  1H.30 -2H

Payment options:  cash or check

– Online support (Skype) or phone sessions:

Please, check the section: On line support on my website !

Note: The sessions aren’t covered by social security/inssurance, each person is responsable to pay for each session/consultation and read/reffer to the information (professional conduct, fees etc)  sent by Bestherapie once the appointment is settled/agreed by both parts and confirmed!