Demystifying Hypnosis

The hypnosis technique used in therapy – in this case, Ericksonian hypnosis-  has nothing to do with the hypnosis used for shows that created confusion and myths. The hypnotherapist uses this technique based on a specific professional conduct. He has a deep awareness of the way that human brain works and he is using this precious information and practice to help his patient to:  decrease his pain, to find his inner resources. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that we all experience many times a day (such as the automatism when driving a car and thinking of something else or when we are watching a movie).

It is getting in touch with our unconscious mind that is a limitless resource capable to guide us in changing old habits and undesired behavior and replace them with new healthier and positive ones. Under hypnosis, you are awake, you cannot be manipulated to do anything that you do not agree with. In fact, the success of this whole therapy based on hypnosis requires your contribution, your complete awareness of your objectives, your willingness to reach your objectives and a trust based relationship with your therapist…Of course, another important aspect is the professional conduct and therapist’s knowledge and skills (active listening, hypnosis techniques etc).

For this reason, when someone comes for the first time to see me asking about hypnosis sessions, I offer him/her all the necessary information and support. I also take my time to listen to his problem, to know his specific needs and way of functioning and to settle his objectives. This first step is critical in achieving the expected results as well as choosing the right methods, techniques, and suggestions in order to help the person reach those goals.