As a certified hypnotherapist (Ericksonian hypnosis), I assist you to cope with problems related to:

–          Self-confidence

–          Self-esteem

–          Phobias (social, transportation etc)

–          Codependency and assertiveness

–          Addictions (nicotine, alcohol, food, affection, shopping etc)

–          Grief and loss (accepting and getting over the process)

–          Anger management

–          Expressing feelings (being shy, fear of being judged by others etc)

–          Fear of speaking in front of an audience

–          Improving relationships (quality)

–          Insomnia

–          Stress

–          Anxiety and panic attacks

–          Depression

–          Restlessness, dizziness, blurred vision

–          Enuresis – kids bed-wetting –  emotional problem