Why to choose Bestherapie?

–          Over 15 years of acquired experience,  knowledge and worldwide know-how

–          High standard of Professional Conduct

–          Wide variety of services and’ tailor-made’ tools, perfectly fitted to your preference, needs or purpose: counselling, coaching, workshops

–          Custom-made, results-oriented methods, measurable objectives, flexibility

–          Successful international methods, adjusted to specific purposes and needs, to the local culture and mentality

–          On line coaching / counseling (skype, phone etc)

–          Workshops and group support – a new concept in the region of Haut-Rhin, based on accurate methods – role plays, worksheets etc: one-parent families, mixed marriage, social anxiety or phobia, expressing feelings, ‘a soon to be mother’ support, changes, grief and loss, ‘here and now’ , codependency, dysfunctional family etc

–          The quality/price ratio is extremely competitive

–          Discounts and reduced tariffs for unemployed people, children, students etc

–           Hypnosis scripts created by Bestherapie for each specific theme and client; Mp3 available on demand; Mp3 for children – 12 years old – offered